White Castle "2 for 3"  Breakfast

Fresh off the griddle! Join us on this quirky, whimsically egg-centric adventure for “Humpty 2 for $3” Director Vikkal Parikh brings brilliant character design, fun dynamic performances and seamless transitions together to deliver this round the clock new breakfast offering with an unforgettable, flavor packed punch.


  • Production Company: Ataboy Studios
  • Director: Vikkal Parikh
  • Director of Photography: Ivan Abel
  • Producer: LauRenn Reed
  • Production Coordinator: Jordan Cressman
  • Live Action Producer: Robert Berman
  • Editor: Jeremy Baumann
  • Color: Ira Morris
  • Compositor: Adam VanDine
  • Character Design: Dennie Bright, Erik Rosenblum
  • CGI / Animation / 3D / Modeling: Cirkus