Simply put, the Smart Choices spot is a non-stop, eye candy joy ride. Watch as our celeb couple Emily Tarver & Vicci Martinez take viewers on a funny, well-paced cinematic adventure sprinkled with cutting edge illustrations and animations. Mixed Media Director Vikkal Parikh brings entertaining ingredients with brilliant art directed set elements, dynamic performances and seamless transitions from interviews to animations to deliver the Smart Car “Smart Choices” message - with an unforgettable punch.  


  • Production Company: Ataboy Studios
  • Agency: Merkley & Partners
  • Client: Mercedes smart EQ
  • Director / Creative Director: Vikkal Parikh
  • Executive Producer: Suzanne Fallon
  • Editor: Anthony Marinelli
  • Animators: Peter Ahern, Ridvan Maloku & Tim Beckhardt
  • Compositor: Adam VanDine
  • Post Producer: Rachael Rosenfeld
  • Color: Ira Morris
  • Illustrators: Connie Van & Dennie Bright
  • Talent: Emily Tarver & Vicci Martinez
  • After Effects: Adam VanDine