Progressive "Small But Nimble"

Small But Nimble was the ask for this brand new Progressive campaign. An empty dirt patch is where we begin. We draw viewers in with our star CGI landscaper characters hustling collaboratively carrying and planting flowers for a close up look at what small businesses are made of. Using a single camera move to play up the relationship between big and small, Dir.Vikkal Parikh crafted this busy set to creatively showcase small business is no small task. Follow our hardworking characters in this super speed labor centric spot showing us that with Progressive, protecting your small business is easy.


  • Client: Progressive
  • Agency: Arnold
  • Production Company: Ataboy Studios
  • Director: Vikkal Parikh
  • Senior Producer / Post: Anabella Zubillaga
  • Line Producer: Robert Berman
  • DP: Ivan Abel
  • Editor: Jeremy Bauman, Nikolai Metin
  • Color: Ira Morris
  • Design: Dennis Sharabarin, Ridvan Maloku, Alex Trimpe
  • Previz: Dennis Sharabarin, Alex Trimpe
  • 3D Modeling: Seong Hoon Park, Dennis Sharabarin, Alex Trimpe, Ridan Maloku
  • 3D Animation: Dennis Sharabarin, Alex Trimpe
  • Composting: Dennis Sharabarin, Alex Trimpe, Ridvan Maloku
  • Clean-Up: Eric Dalamarta

Behind the Scenes