Eady Bros.

Director Duo

Over the last decade, Canadian blood brothers Joshua & Jordan Eady have put their relationship to the test – traveling the globe to tell stories for the likes of NBC, Nike, Esquire, MTV, ESPN, Adidas and Food Network. They are adventurers who take a creative approach to film with experience shooting all over the world in some of the most difficult places to get to and film. Everything they touch has a very beautiful and cinematic feel with proven successes of making small productions feel huge.

They’ve built a reputation for crisp story-telling, smart production design and organic brand integration – making them among the most sought-after filmmakers on both the Los Angeles and Toronto scene.

In 2010, the brothers merged their multi-faceted talents and deep passion for creating content to form our newest favorite Directing duo – The Eady Bros. Best known for their award winning abilities of intuitively capturing real life people and emotionally evocative moments in a stylized, authentic way – the duo brings fresh live action expertise to the Ataboy roster.

From climbing mountains to jumping out of planes to filming at the bottom of oceans, there’s truly no shoot challenges these bros can’t overcome.