Ataboy is a creative production company with a strong emphasis on visual storytelling. We use a variety of media — from animation to live-action — to craft rich stories and bring ideas to life. Our process is collaborative at its core, focused on finding unique inspiration for every project to foster great ideas into impactful final products.

Since its inception, Ataboy has evolved from a small motion design studio to an award-winning content agency, complete with a talented staff, end-to-end production resources, and a beautiful New York City office. Our techniques range from traditional 2D and 3D animation to live action, VFX, motion graphics, design and more. This versatility allows us to assess each project uniquely and think big about what’s best for the content we want to create.

Above all, what sets us apart is our commitment to creating captivating stories, powered by the personal attention we give to each and every project.

Partnership with Cirkus

Ataboy entered into a creative partnership with award-winning production company Cirkus (NZ), in order to bring their fresh and exciting 3D animation talent stateside. Cirkus is an award-winning animation house, featuring a talented team of animation directors and a unique perspective on creative work. With an energetic approach that defies definition, Cirkus’ artists aim to mix up their style and techniques from project to project, helping them create the most exciting and entertaining images.