Virgin Galactic Fan Film

Corydon Wagner captures epic Live Action moments bringing surreal outer space experiences to life in this stunning new fan film for Virgin Galactic. Astronauts report the precise instant they behold earth for the first time floating amidst the still darkness, they experience a seismic internal awakening that renders them both insignificant in scale yet fulfilled with a renewed sense of purpose. A moment that causes schematic shifts in our understanding of the world and of ourselves.. Experience a moment in life capable of humbling and expanding the human mind.


  • Director / Creator: Corydon Wagner
  • Executive Producer: Gianni Cerretani
  • Producer: Collin Doherty
  • DP: Jonathan Schmidt, Timur Civan
  • Production Design: Gino Fortubuono
  • Editor: Mickey Todiwala
  • Effects: Perry Kroll
  • Color: Vladimir Kucherov
  • Sound Design: Weston Fonger
  • Music: Mike Dragovic

Behind the Scenes