Shared Hope - Waiting for you to Notice

We were honored and humbled to be asked by Shared Hope International to create this important video. “Waiting For You To Notice” is a rich, moody, 2D character animation piece that walks the viewer through the terrifying world of sex trafficking, asking if they would notice the warning signs if they were to see them. We were brought a rough script and flushed out a story and created a visual language that not only communicated but respected the sensitive subject matter.

Process Sketches

img30 img31 img32 img33 img34

Client: Shared Hope International

Director: Vikkal Parikh

Concept Artist: Rob Chandler

Cel Animation: Peter Ahern, Jane Kim, Tucker Klein, Ridvan Maloku

Executive Producer: Diana Mandelare

3D Animation: Adam VanDine, Jason Rayne, Justin O'Brien

Compositing: Ridvan Maloku, Adam VanDine

Editing: Jeremy Baumann

Sound Design/Mix: Weston Fonger