Mojo Thunder

When swamp rock blues duo The Peach Kings needed a video for the title track of the just-released EP “Mojo Thunder” they found their match with the team at Ataboy. The story-driven animated video tells a hypnotic tale of vice and voodoo and explores how cycles of abuse and pain can trigger destructive behaviors. Since the timeline for the project was condensed- only one month once the final storyboards and working animatic were completed, the team worked in Photoshop to bring the lyrics to life.

Client: The Peach Kings

Creative Director: Vikkal Parikh

Directed By: Benjy Brooke, Kris Merc

Story: Vikkal Prikh, Kris Merc, Benjy Brooke

Designers: Benjy Brooke, Ellen Su, Kris Merc

Cel Animation: Benjy Brooke, Ellen Su, Zeynep Aydogmus, Scott Wilkinson, Arthur Guttilla, Yana Pan, Monika Norcross, Christine Kim

Executive Producer: Karen Hennegan

Producer: James Howell

3D Artist: Emily Zurl

Compositing:Adam VanDine

Storyboards: Benjy Brooke, Takeia Dunlop

Editor: Jeremy Baumann

Sound Design/Mix: Weston Fonger