WWF - Girraffe vs. Elephant

Freshwater is the source of life. It’s what makes Earth unique in the known universe. It’s also a resource under threat. Just 3% of water on the planet is fresh water and only about 1% is readily available for human use, making it precious.

The one-two punch of global population growth and climate change means we must be innovative and committed when it comes to water management and conservation.

WWF is working to protect fresh water ecosystems and improve water access, efficiency, and allocation for people and the environment – an essential component of saving most of WWF’s priority places and species, and reducing the impact of humanity’s water footprint.

With the above in mind, Human Cannonball Romain Borrel came up with this simple but poignant storyline of an elephant and giraffe fighting over a bottle of water in the African heat. In true Cirkus spirit, the animals contort themselves and each other to get a drink, though there is no clear winner. Then again, with your support they might just be helped!


Director: Human Cannonball Romain Borrel

Modeling & Texturing: Humanfly Mahesh Dammoju, Wrestler James Turbull, Jonathan Paccou, Fredrick Ueberle and Merith de Haas

Rigging: Richard Maegaki and Shuo (Tim) Liu

Particle Animation: Daredevil Chris Lyne, Juggler Chris Greet

Animation: Jester Joon Yeok Soon, Shuo (Tim) Liu, Karl Davis

Lighting and Rendering; Wrestler James Turnbull and Daredevil Chris Lyne

Producer: Marko Klijn

Account Management: Meta Bindinga

Sound Design: Marshall Smith and Tom Fox at The Sound Room.

Live action background plates: Patricia Ko and Dean Fitzpatrick of Wildlight Safaris.


Richard Lee, Communications manager for WWF’s global Freshwater Practice

Bonnie Chia, Head of Brand at WWF International