Corydon Wagner captures epic Live Action moments bringing surreal outer space experiences to life in this stunning new brand film for Virgin Galactic.

Astronauts report the precise instant they behold earth for the first time floating amidst the still darkness, they experience a seismic internal awakening that renders them both insignificant in scale yet fulfilled with a renewed sense of purpose.

A moment that causes schematic shifts in our understanding of the world and of ourselves..

Experience a moment in life capable of humbling and expanding the human mind.

Director / Creator: Corydon Wagner

Executive Producer: Gianni Cerretani

Producer: Collin Doherty

DP: Jonathan Schmidt, Timur Civan

Production Design: Gino Fortubuono

Editor: Mickey Todiwala

Effects: Perry Kroll

Color: Vladimir Kucherov

Sound Design: Weston Fonger

Music: Mike Dragovic

Behind the scenes


Progressive - Small But Nimble

Small But Nimble was the ask for this brand new Progressive campaign. An empty dirt patch is where we begin. We draw viewers in with our star CGI landscaper characters hustling collaboratively carrying and planting flowers for a close up look at what small businesses are made of.

Using a single camera move to play up the relationship between big and small, Dir.Vikkal Parikh crafted this busy set to creatively showcase small business is no small task. Follow our hardworking characters in this super speed labor centric spot showing us that with Progressive, protecting your small business is easy.

Behind the Scenes

Client: Progressive

Agency: Arnold

Production Company: Ataboy Studios

Director: Vikkal Parikh

Senior Producer / Post: Anabella Zubillaga

Line Producer: Robert Berman

DP: Ivan Abel

Editor: Jeremy Bauman, Nikolai Metin

Color: Ira Morris

Design: Dennis Sharabarin, Ridvan Maloku, Alex Trimpe

Previz: Dennis Sharabarin, Alex Trimpe

3D Modeling: Seong Hoon Park, Dennis Sharabarin, Alex Trimpe, Ridan Maloku

3D Animation: Dennis Sharabarin, Alex Trimpe

Composting: Dennis Sharabarin, Alex Trimpe, Ridvan Maloku

Clean-Up: Eric Dalamarta


White Castle - Humpty

Fresh off the griddle! Join us on this quirky, whimsically egg-centric adventure for “Humpty 2 for $3”

Director Vikkal Parikh brings brilliant character design, fun dynamic performances and seamless transitions together to deliver this round the clock new breakfast offering with an unforgettable, flavor packed punch.

Production Company: Ataboy Studios

Director: Vikkal Parikh

Director of Photography: Ivan Abel

Producer: LauRenn Reed

Production Coordinator: Jordan Cressman

Live Action Producer: Robert Berman

Editor: Jeremy Baumann

Color: Ira Morris

Compositor: Adam VanDine

Character Design: Dennie Bright, Erik Rosenblum

CGI / Animation / 3D / Modeling: Cirkus


Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

Experience the magic with us in this epic CGI trailer the Ataboy team created for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway. Join us on a visual train ride through time into the wizardry world on a journey that has become a "global phenomenon." Ataboy Studios partnered with AKA NYC to craft this mesmerizing trader in promotion of the iconic 2016 British two-part play written by Jack Thorne based on an original story by J. K. Rowling, John Tiffany, and Thorne. Masterminds behind the world famously familiar characters that came to life from the pages of a book

Client: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Agency: Aka NYC

Production Company: Ataboy Studios

Creative Director: Vikkal Parikh

Senior VFX / Post Producer: Anabella Zubillaga

Flame Artist: Luke Bedellion

CGI Lead/TD : Ridvan Maloku

Concept Artist: Ann Kruetzkamp, Sue Jang

3D Modeling: Seong Hoon Park

3D Animation: Ridvan Maluko, Dennis Sharabian, Keegan Larwin

Houdini Artist: Eban Byrne

3D Lighting & Compositing: Ridvan, Keegan Larwin, Dennis Sharabian

Rotoscoping: Blue Blaze Studios


Simply put, the Smart Choices spot is a non-stop, eye candy joy ride. Watch as our celeb couple Emily Tarver & Vicci Martinez take viewers on a funny, well-paced cinematic adventure sprinkled with cutting edge illustrations and animations.

Mixed Media Director Vikkal Parikh brings entertaining ingredients with brilliant art directed set elements, dynamic performances and seamless transitions from interviews to animations to deliver the Smart Car “Smart Choices” message - with an unforgettable punch.

Production Company: Ataboy Studios

Agency: Merkley & Partners

Client: Mercedes smart EQ

Director / Creative Director: Vikkal Parikh

Executive Producer: Suzanne Fallon

Editor: Anthony Marinelli

Animators: Peter Ahern, Ridvan Maloku & Tim Beckhardt

Compositor: Adam VanDine

Post Producer: Rachael Rosenfeld

Color: Ira Morris

Illustrators: Connie Van & Dennie Bright

Talent: Emily Tarver & Vicci Martinez

After Effects: Adam VanDine


Director Vikkal Parikh uses his craft and motion control to recreate the iconic NYC skyline using Ikea furniture.

Production Company: Ataboy Studios

Agency: Ogilvy

Client: Ikea

Director / Creative Director: Vikkal Parikh

Director of Photography: Ivan Abel

Executive Producer: Suzanne Fallon

Live Action Producer: Robert Berman

Editor: Nikolai Metin

Flame Artist: Meggen Burdick

Compositor: Adam VanDine

Sr. Producer: Anabella Zubilaga


Director Corydon Wagner worked with Sarah Jessica Parker and GAP Kids to create exciting videos for the launch of GAP Kids Fall 2018 clothing line. This is a whimsical mashup of the spot Corydon Wagner created for GAP Kids x SJP.

Production Company: Ataboy Studios

Director: Corydon Wagner

Creative Director: Sarah Jessica Parker

Photography: North 6

Editor: Jeremy Bauman

Color: Ira Morris

Flame: Dan Bowhers


WWF - Girraffe vs. Elephant

Freshwater is the source of life. It’s what makes Earth unique in the known universe. It’s also a resource under threat. Just 3% of water on the planet is fresh water and only about 1% is readily available for human use, making it precious.

The one-two punch of global population growth and climate change means we must be innovative and committed when it comes to water management and conservation.

WWF is working to protect fresh water ecosystems and improve water access, efficiency, and allocation for people and the environment – an essential component of saving most of WWF’s priority places and species, and reducing the impact of humanity’s water footprint.

With the above in mind, Human Cannonball Romain Borrel came up with this simple but poignant storyline of an elephant and giraffe fighting over a bottle of water in the African heat. In true Cirkus spirit, the animals contort themselves and each other to get a drink, though there is no clear winner. Then again, with your support they might just be helped!


Director: Human Cannonball Romain Borrel

Modeling & Texturing: Humanfly Mahesh Dammoju, Wrestler James Turbull, Jonathan Paccou, Fredrick Ueberle and Merith de Haas

Rigging: Richard Maegaki and Shuo (Tim) Liu

Particle Animation: Daredevil Chris Lyne, Juggler Chris Greet

Animation: Jester Joon Yeok Soon, Shuo (Tim) Liu, Karl Davis

Lighting and Rendering; Wrestler James Turnbull and Daredevil Chris Lyne

Producer: Marko Klijn

Account Management: Meta Bindinga

Sound Design: Marshall Smith and Tom Fox at The Sound Room.

Live action background plates: Patricia Ko and Dean Fitzpatrick of Wildlight Safaris.


Richard Lee, Communications manager for WWF’s global Freshwater Practice

Bonnie Chia, Head of Brand at WWF International


L'Oreal Essie - Color Machine

The team at Ataboy designed and animated 50’s themed vending machines for this experiential interactive piece at the Louvre for L’Oreal. Collaborating with the Barbarian Group we also helped create additional assets for the interactive experience and ported it into Unity.

Creative Director - Vikkal Parikh

Concept Art - Jose Checa, Dennie Bright

Animation - Ridvan Maloku, Adam VanDine, Alex Trimpe

Compositing - Adam VanDine


Standard Chartered Bank - Pinball

Six Toes, TBWA\Singapore and Cirkus conjure up the greatest pinball machine on earth for Standard Chartered Bank!Six Toes and TBWA\Singapore commissioned us to build a real Standard Chartered Bank Pinball machine to convey that with SCB’s newest credit card, unlimited cashbacks can be enjoyed. Following the script and board of TBWA’s creative team, the pinball hits and activates varying amounts of cashback in the travel, shopping and dining areas.

The pinball gathers points before the targets reset and get ready to play again since the cashback is unlimited! We had to ask ourselves: how would a craftsman design and build this gadget? Although very much tempted to do another Airbnb, we were limited by a 4 week production turnaround so decided to create this contraption in 3D. The challenge at hand was figuring out how to make it not shiny but real, requiring a lot of attention in the look development.

In true Cirkus style, Juggler Christian Greet and Human Cannonball Romain Borrel chose to make the device “not the same”. First off, the illustration team determined the machine’s layout, mechanisms and design. By approaching the project this way 3D modeling was minimized to ensure the presence of a quirky human hand in this labor of love project.

CIRKUS CGI department created the handcrafted look in texturing, lighting and rendering.

Cirkus Directors: Christian Greet, Romain Borrel

Design & Illustration: Anna Lee, Rebecca Tan, Lynn Choi

Modeling & Texturing: Chris Lyne, James Turnbull, Mahesh Dammoju, Courtney White, Christopher Yong, Yikai Ma, Matthew Tan

Animation: Joon Seok Yoon

Lighting & Rendering: Chris Lyne, James Turnbull, Mahesh Dammoju

Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff

Executive Producer: Marko Klijn



Director Corydon Wagner strikes again with this beautiful spec piece for cotton.

Director: Corydon Wagner

DP / Editor: Mickey Todiwala

Music: Groove Guild

Original Soundtrack by Paul Riggio


Take Your E-Waste To A Better Place

An epic journey for Sustainability Victoria, showcasing how we can create a better future.

Animation Director: Christian Greet

Storyboarding: Wei Kit Yoon, Jasmin Ng

2D Design: Gabriel Romero

3D: Chris Lyne, James Turnbull, Matthew Tan, Roman Yurovskiy, Courtney White, Albert Zhang, Kevin Beckers, Greg Smith

Rigging: Shuo Liu, Wei Kit Yoon, Richard Maegaki

Animation: Joon Seok Yoon, Shuo Liu, Wei Kit Yoon, Brett Tunnicliff

Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff

Ringmaster: Marko Klijn

Music Composition & Sound Design: The Sound Room


Bomb Pop Fruit Bomb-Tan

Following up on the success of the last campaign, we teamed up again with VML Chicago to launch a brand new campaign introducing two new fruit smoothie flavors for The Original Bomb Pop.

This campaign introduced two giant fruit smoothie cups goofing around in the most trippy and elaborately built environments enjoying all things summer. Inspired by the art of papercraft, we designed and executed the set build to bring this wacky, colorful world to life.

We created these summer scenes by layering larger than life paper craft props around giant smoothie cups with actors placed in it. Similar to the Bomb Pop badass school play we brought to life, we see these elements cleverly wheeled in and dropped down on strings.

Client: Bomb Pop

Agency: VML Chicago

Production Company: Ataboy Studios

Director: Vikkal Parikh

Editor: Jeremy Baumann



Client: Monash Children's Hospital

Agency Team: DDB Melbourne

Creative: Brett Edwards, Murray Bransgrove

Production: Tuesday Picken, Sophie Simmons, Jo Alach

Account Management: Stuart Smith

Cirkus Team

Animation Director: Romain Borrel

Design & Illustration: Anna Lee, Rebecca Tan

Modeling, Texturing, Rigging & Render: Sam Wheldon

Animation: Bailey Xiong, Joon Seok Yoon, Mauricio Bartok

Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff

Live Action Director: Grantley Smith

Music & Sound Design: Nylon Studios

Music Composition: Jesse Watt

Sound Designer: Stuart Welch

Producer: Karla Henwood

Audio/VO Mixing: Gusto Music



Agency: Mars

Director: The Eady Bros (Josh and Jordan Eady)

Editor: Josh Eady


RWJF-Equity vs Equality

In the United States, we talk a lot about “equality.” But for all of us to have a fair and just opportunity to live our healthiest lives, we need to talk about “equity.” That means different people might need different things, the same way we need different bicycles.

To help RWJF to dissect the ever present Equity vs Equality debate within our society today, we created this 2D cel animation bringing awareness to fair and just opportunities for all to live healthier lives.

Client - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Director - Vikkal Parikh

Concept Art - Dennie Bright and Rob Chandler

Animation - Dennie Bright, Peter Ahern, Yulia Ruditskaya, Adam VanDine

Script - Brian Simpson


Power Lines

How you get your energy is evolving. In this captivating miniature papercraft world follow along a line of conductive ink as it travels through an energy ecosystem and meets GE’s Reservoir Solution.

Brought to life by Director Vikkal Parikh with our friends at VaynerMedia. Shot practically on location at Ataboy Studios in New York City.

Case Study

Client: GE

Agency: Vayner Media

Director: Vikkal Parikh

Editor: Matt McGee

Compositor: Adam VanDine

Producer: Melissa Tanzer

Flame: Meggen Burdick and Peter Charles


Welcome To Airbnb

Our production partners Cirkus like dreaming big, so when TBWA and Sixtoes Singapore briefed them on the project they were delighted to take on the challenge of helping Airbnb make the world a little bit smaller. Juggler Christian Greet and Flea Norman Yeend, backed by a talented team, created this epic miniature 60 second train ride showcasing that wherever you go with Airbnb, you can make yourself right at home.

Case Study

Client: AirBnb

Agency: TBWA / Sixtoes Singapore

Director: Christian Greet



Declare your Freezedom with this badass school play for Bomb Pop. Follow along the spokestween through a paper crafted world complete with alpaca rides and gorillas harmonizing around a campfire.


Client: Bomb Pop

Agency: VML Chicago

Production Company: Ataboy Studios

Director: Vikkal Parikh + David Jellison

Editor: Jeremy Baumann


Shared Hope - Waiting for you to Notice

We were honored and humbled to be asked by Shared Hope International to create this important video. “Waiting For You To Notice” is a rich, moody, 2D character animation piece that walks the viewer through the terrifying world of sex trafficking, asking if they would notice the warning signs if they were to see them. We were brought a rough script and flushed out a story and created a visual language that not only communicated but respected the sensitive subject matter.

Process Sketches

img30 img31 img32 img33 img34

Client: Shared Hope International

Director: Vikkal Parikh

Concept Artist: Rob Chandler

Cel Animation: Peter Ahern, Jane Kim, Tucker Klein, Ridvan Maloku

Executive Producer: Diana Mandelare

3D Animation: Adam VanDine, Jason Rayne, Justin O'Brien

Compositing: Ridvan Maloku, Adam VanDine

Editing: Jeremy Baumann

Sound Design/Mix: Weston Fonger


Boundless - A Global Adventure

Two men test the boundaries of their physical endurance and their friendship as they travel around the globe competing in a series of demanding races across desert, mountain and water – each one more demanding than the last on their body and spirit.

Broadcaster: Esquire (USA), Travel+Escape (Canada)

Status: Aired 3 seasons 30x 1hr Episodes

Director: Eady Bros (Josh & Jordan Eady)

DP: Jordan Eady

Editor: Josh Eady


Carter Center - Access to Information

An animated video illustrating how access to information can transform lives of people, especially women.

Client - Carter Center

Director - Vikkal Parikh

Concept Art - Dennie Bright

Animation - Dennie Bright, Peter Ahern

Compositing - Adam VanDine




Samsung Curved

Commercial for Samsung Curved TV for the Indian Sub-Continent.

Brand: Samsung Curve TV

Agency: Cheil Worldwide

Director: Corydon Wagner

Cinematographer: Paramvir Singh

Producers: Dalbir Singh, Paramvir Singh

Field Test

Field Test

Four friends travel the globe testing some of the most advanced outdoor adventure gear on the planet.

Director: The Eady Bros (Jordan & Josh Eady)

DP: Jordan Eady

Editor: Josh Eady

Broadcaster: Esquire

Partners: All 3 Media

Status: Pilot


Mojo Thunder

When swamp rock blues duo The Peach Kings needed a video for the title track of the just-released EP “Mojo Thunder” they found their match with the team at Ataboy. The story-driven animated video tells a hypnotic tale of vice and voodoo and explores how cycles of abuse and pain can trigger destructive behaviors. Since the timeline for the project was condensed- only one month once the final storyboards and working animatic were completed, the team worked in Photoshop to bring the lyrics to life.

Client: The Peach Kings

Creative Director: Vikkal Parikh

Directed By: Benjy Brooke, Kris Merc

Story: Vikkal Prikh, Kris Merc, Benjy Brooke

Designers: Benjy Brooke, Ellen Su, Kris Merc

Cel Animation: Benjy Brooke, Ellen Su, Zeynep Aydogmus, Scott Wilkinson, Arthur Guttilla, Yana Pan, Monika Norcross, Christine Kim

Executive Producer: Karen Hennegan

Producer: James Howell

3D Artist: Emily Zurl

Compositing:Adam VanDine

Storyboards: Benjy Brooke, Takeia Dunlop

Editor: Jeremy Baumann

Sound Design/Mix: Weston Fonger



To introduce 7UP Vietnam’s new vintage inspired cans BBDO Vietnam asked Cirkus to create several decade specific animations. In order to integrate them they rotated the scenes around the matching cans and a glass of 7UP creating seamless transitions to the present.


Guinness - That's Kool

Looking for a creative use for all those left over fruits and veggies from your holiday cooking? Look no further than to That's Kool with Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings as he shows us how fun (and cathartic!) it is to smash produce that's been insta-frozen with liquid nitrogen. This is 1 of 6 videos we created with New York Magazine for Science of Us directed and edited by Nicolas Heller.

Balloon Animals

Ping Pong

Ice Cream

Can Crush

Breath Cocktail

Client: Guinness

Agency: NY Mag

Production Company: Ataboy Studios

Director + Editor: Nic Heller

Producer: Rachael Rosenfeld

Design: Rob Chandler

Color/Finish: Peter Charles



Cirkus creative director Christian Greet teamed up with Director Matthäus Bussmann to create this brand TVC featuring a beautifully crafted dream world made from paper cut-outs. Hot air balloons and lots of happy summer magic!


Windows 10 Launch

We had a blast helping our friends at MRY announce the global launch of Windows 10. This whimsical, illustrated animated video takes us on a trip around the world while giving a subtle nod to the many worldwide charity organizations that Microsoft supports.

Client: Microsoft

Agency: MRY

Production Company: Ataboy Studios

Director/Creative Director: Vikkal Parikh

Animators: Adam VanDine, Ridvan Maloku, Will Pittas

Producer: Claudia Gaspar


Flying Fox

Mullen Lowe Indonesia approached Cirkus to show off their tricky tricks for Unilevers’ brand new global campaign for Paddle Pops. the overall ask included a re-design of the existing CGI characters for a 21st century target audience. Human Cannonball Romain Borrelled a team of illustrators and 3D modellers to re-design a fresh look for our Max, Leena, Higga, and Spike and turn them into teenage versions of their former selves to be used on packaging and in TVCs. Cirkus also shot all of the live action necessary for the spot.

Auckland Council


Cirkus teamed up with Ogilvy & Mather NZ to bring to life Tin Can & Plastic, the dynamic duo here to teach Aucklanders a thing or two about recycling.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Auckland

Producer: Rob Linnow

Creatives: Rupert Hancock, Martin Hermans, Richard Loseby

Account Management: Nicole Lees

Animation Director: Juggler Christian Greet

Character Design: Chan Ghee Leow, Human Cannonball Romain Borrel, Chris Lyne, Wrestler James Turnbull and Manipulator Kurt Adams

Animation Team: Jester Joon Seok Yoon and Mime Priyan Jayamaha

Producer: Ringmaster Marko Klijn and Contortionist Viktoria Fortune.


Vestas-Capture The Wind

A spot for GE Vestas wind turbines.

Director: Corydon Wagner

DP: Jack Lam

Composer: Dan Teicher

Producer: Collin Doherty

Art Director: Anastacia Dudin

Gaffer: Jordan Parrott


Delta-Science Of Flavor"

Given a rough audio file of a TED Talk, the ask to create a visually compelling piece, and a very short turnaround time the team at Ataboy had their work cut out for them. Never one to shy away from a challenge, the resulting vibrant 2D video is the perfect accompaniment to a sommelier’s talk about serving wine at 30,000 feet.

Client: Delta

Agency: W+K, New York

Production Company: Ataboy Studios

Creative Director: David Rasura

Producer: Karen Hennegan