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Benjy Brooke is a multi-faceted artist who is constantly creating. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania in fine arts he directs, animates, and illustrates. His work is graphic, colorful, fun and draws inspiration from such varied places as 1950s Cadillac concept cars, Moebius & Jodorowsky’s The Incal, The Neverhood, Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira, and the entire indie comics scene.

Benjy most recently co-directed and helped lead a small, tight-knit team at Ataboy to create the Peach Kings’ graphic, dark, voodoo, and crime noir music video “Mojo Thunder”. He is passionate about projects that allow him to be pushed on an emotional and technical level where he gets to run the gamut of production- writing, designing, illustrating, animating, and editing.

When he’s not working on a new spot or music video Benjy can be found pumping out comics, creating playful animated GIFs or t-shirts, posters, and temporary tattoos with his literary art company Litographs, which he co-founded and serves at Creative Director for.

Benjy signed on as Director at Ataboy in January 2015. His impressive list of clients includes Beyoncé, Kaskade, Teen Vogue, Bloomingdales, Neutrogena, HP, and Crayola, among others.

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